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At F.E. Moran Security Solutions, we know how important the entry and exit points of your home are. These are the weakest points which the burglars can use as a welcome sign. , It is why the door sensors as a security device are a popular option. These door sensors are also known as entry sensors, contact sensors, or window sensors. Sensors are an important security feature. The purpose of a sensor is to immediately trigger an alarm. These sensors help the first responders with an investigation by knowing points of entry or sensor activity. It is why you should always test your alarm monthly. You should make sure that everything is working perfectly. We at F.E Moran security solutions will send you notifications remotely if there is something wrong.

The old sensors only triggered a bell when someone opened the door. Today the technology has advanced. These sensors work diffusely than those in the past. The purpose of these sensors is to send alerts and notifications automatically. These sensors are self-triggered. You can program these sensors for a small alert or a full-blown alarm. The home security system’s door sensor has two parts. One piece of the sensor is with the door and the other on the frame of the door. Almost all the door sensors use a reed switch. This switch determines the breached area. It is an electrical circuit.

When you close the door, it forms the circuit of the sensor. When you open the door by forcing it, the circuit breaks which sets the alarm of the door sensor. The reed switch has a magnet on both parts of the sensor, i.e. on the door and the frame. When you close the door, the magnets come close and allow the passage of electricity. When the door is open, it breaks the circuit. When this happens, the  sensor activated the self-triggered an alarm. It is how the system alerts the security system of a breach. The notifications and alarms from a home security system are supervised, recorded and constantly responded at a Central Station.

The door sensors are an important part of the home security system. To make sure that your home is safe and burglar-proof, you need to ensure that the security system works perfectly. It is important that you test your alarm system regularly and know if there are any problems. We will help you secure your home and fix your door sensors if there is any problem.

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