In previous years, burglar alarms consisted only of a loud sound to scare off intruders. It then graduated to a connected system where the alarm would be answered by police officers being dispatched to the scene automatically. Even this method was extremely limiting and inefficient at the end of the day. Depending on the location of the alarm, especially in remote areas, precious time elapsed before police officers could arrive on the scene. In many cases, by the time the police arrived, the perpetrator had already fled. Another common concern security companies in Kansas dealt with was a high rate of false alarms that would use up precious minutes of a police force’s time. A curious animal, gust of strong wind, faulty batteries and human error are all common causes of false alarms to this day.

Today, security companies in Kansas, like FE Moran Security, have a better way to monitor property and keep it safe. Instead of relying on outdated technology, video monitoring and instant recording can be used to keep home and property safe. Eliminating faulty systems means the security company can keep the focus on protection instead of dealing with false alarms.

FE Moran’s video monitoring system starts with the installation of a wireless wide angle camera. The installation process is quick and non-invasive. Since the video monitoring system is wireless, it can be moved to other areas of the property if the need arises. Traditional video monitoring systems were limited to where a video camera could be placed and wired to a monitor, and moving the equipment was costly and inconvenient. The compact and wireless system is a truly customizable, personalized security system built with the customer in mind.

If an alarm is triggered, a ten second video is recorded by the wide angle camera. The recording is instantly sent to FE Moran’s Central Station for review. In the case of an intruder or any type of danger, the police will be dispatched to the home immediately. This ensures family and property are safe at all hours. With video monitoring of this type, the family dog knocking over decorations at 3AM no longer triggers an alarm that results in the homeowner being fined for a false alarm. FE Moran’s KS security is at the cutting edge with the latest video monitoring and response systems.

In addition to reducing or even eliminating false alarms, the video monitoring system can be used as evidence if prosecution for theft or damages occurs. FE Moran is proud to offer KS security video monitoring that allows a home owner to catch thieves in the act without them being aware. Video evidence of a crime is what puts the criminals behind bars.

Thanks to FE Moran, KS security has evolved to include more intelligent wireless monitoring systems. A movable video camera means a home owner can have security at the beginning of a long driveway, inside the front door or in their backyard, to name a few options. Reliable alarm monitoring is now available when the customer needs it.

Jeremy Simmons
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