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Still hanging on to a couple of holiday guests after the new year? You want to create a hospitable atmosphere, but you also want to continue using all your outstanding security technology. Luckily, it’s easy to do both. Here’s how homeowners can make the most of their security systems when guests are visiting.

Give them a temporary user code.

If your system includes smart locks for keyless entry into the home, you can give your visitors their own user code while they’re staying with you. There are several benefits to this: no risk of lost keys, no worrying that guests will unintentionally trigger the alarm, and no staying up past your bedtime to let them back in the house when they go out without you. Best of all, you can easily deactivate this temporary user code at the end of their stay.

Give them a more comfortable guest room.  

The weather outside may be frightful, but the guest room should be delightful. That’s what makes the temperature sensor one of the most useful devices in your smart home security system. When the spare bedroom is the “cold room” of the house, the temperature sensor can help it get warmer by adjusting the thermostat based on the average temperature of the home. It’s impressive and effective.

Give them a peek at the cameras.

Despite the popularity of home security cameras, some visitors are nervous about the idea of their activities being “watched.” If your guests are in that category, then giving them a peek at the cameras can help them feel more at home during their stay. Start by opening up the settings on your home security app. When your guests see how easy the Geo-Services technology makes it to prevent the indoor cameras from recording when people are home, they are bound to feel more at ease.

If keyless entry, the temperature sensor or cameras are not yet part of your home security system, we can help. Contact F.E. Moran Security System for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to showing you what’s possible.

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