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We have partnered with the Illinois Fire Service Institute located at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois in our efforts to help educate fire fighters from all over the country. IFSI is a world renowned training facility for firefighters, fire educational studies and disaster rescue/recovery training. IFSI is one of the top 3 fire academies in the United States. On average, they train 50,000 firefighters each year. F.E. Moran Alarm has donated a commercial Honeywell fire panel system and training which is designed to train fire fighters when responding to commercial fire emergencies as well as educate them on fire alarm technology.

The Illinois Fire Service Institute is able to provide the highest level of training for both new firefighters as well as experienced firefighters with ongoing training. The facility is equipped with buildings they burn such as warehouses, houses, and multi-story buildings, for real life rescue scenarios. F.E. Moran Alarm is fortunate to have this state-of-the-art facility located in our town where we can support such great efforts that truly have an impact on life safety all across the country and even the world. We are dedicated to supporting firefighters both locally and nationally through education and working with emergency services to help save lives. January 31st, the IFSI will be presenting an award of appreciation to our office recognizing our continued support for this exceptional organization, however, we are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to their efforts.

Jeremy Simmons
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