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Here’s a scary Halloween tale: A homeowner knew that costumes, masks and spooky decorations were fun, but the one thing that scares burglars is the fear of getting caught. So, he installed a fully integrated security system and had it professionally monitored all year long. That way, burglars saw his home as a true house of horrors – and in the end, they stayed away for good. Here’s how his system frightened the villains away.

Watching Their Every Move

No one enjoys the feeling of being watched, but criminals enjoy it even less. When homeowners have connected home security cameras installed outside the home, people with crime on their mind often see it as a threshold not worth crossing. But even if they do cross it, their actions will be captured on film and the homeowner will receive a smartphone alert. And, remember: The footage can be downloaded, sent to police or even shared on social media to warn others in the neighborhood. To criminals who know how modern home security works, this is a scary prospect.

Providing Protection Year Round

Even when Halloween is over, intruders are dispirited by the presence of connected home security. Illinois homeowners can scare criminals away by making it clear that they will, in fact, be caught on camera and their movements will trigger motion sensor technology that sends the homeowner a smartphone alert. And if there’s a doorbell camera, then the homeowner can talk to them through the speaker at the door and scare them away faster; the camera will still capture their image so everyone can beware. These are the home security features that haunt criminals all year long; to learn more, contact F.E. Moran Security Systems for a free home security consultation.

About F.E. Moran Security Solutions

Since 2003, F.E. Moran Security Solutions has been a relationship-driven security company that is provides superior customer service, quality installations and state-of-the-art monitoring – and now, our services include smart home upgrades. We are proud that one of the top 50 security companies in the U.S., ranked by SDM Magazine, is our Illinois home security company.


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