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    Customer Care: (877) 336-6726
    Central Station: (866) 472-6450, option 1
    Account Updates: AccountUpdates@femoransecurity.com


    To cancel an accidental alarm signal, please call our Central Station Toll Free at (866) 472-6450, option 1. Please have your personal pass-code ready so our operator can verify your authorization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a more detailed FAQ, please click here.

Please see the following bypass instructions for your alarm model. Make sure you contact service to repair the device.

If you are not able to make it to the premise, you may call our 24-hour central station to find out if the police reported back to us. Otherwise, contacting your local precinct or station would let you know what the police may have found.

To test your system, call Central Station to put your system on test. Arm system, trip alarm, wait 30-60 seconds, disarm, and contact Central Station for results.

We have several options available. Please call 217-403-6444 or email sales@femoransecurity.com.

Yes we do, our DIY program is on our website and is easy to use. Please visit www.uProtect.com.  Once you configure your system it will be sent to you fully programmed and set up for monitoring.

We have several leasing programs to suit your financial needs. Your salesperson will be happy to provide a proposal which will include our most current leasing rates. Call our sales department at 217-403-6444 and you can also email sales@femoransecurity.com.

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