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Summer is coming, and with summer comes the sounds of children playing outside. However, there are steps parents will want to take to help ensure their children stay safe while they are on break. Fortunately, most steps are simple to follow, and a bit of education can go a long way toward helping your kids have a safe, healthy summer.

Pool Safety

Pools are great places for kids to kick back and relax during summer, and they can help kids avoid becoming overheated. However, pools can pose certain dangers as well. Make sure your children are properly supervised while in the pool, and consider enrolling your children in swimming lessons. One of the biggest summer safety dangers is slips and falls. By teaching your children to walk around the pool and to avoid running on hard, slippery surfaces, you can reduce the likelihood of head injuries that result from falling.

Bikes, Skateboards and Rollerblades

Bikes, skateboards and roller-blades are great items that allow kids to get some exercise and work off extra energy. However, it is important to teach safety tips to kids who enjoy traveling at high speeds. Helmets must be mandatory, as they can help prevent many of the injuries that result from using these forms of transportation. In addition, parents might want to consider teaching their children to use summer safety equipment designed to keep their elbows, knees and forearms safe. Kids sometimes resist safety equipment, but showing them that famous athletes rely on safety equipment may help.

Food Safety

Barbecues and picnics are popular during the summer, and your kids will want to spend some time hanging out with friends and eating tasty meals. Summer is a great time to teach children about food safety. Teach children how food spoils quickly, and show them how food should be prepared to prevent meat-based food illness. Many diseases flourish in the summer heat, and you may want to emphasize the importance of hand washing when the weather turns warm.

Heat Damage

Some the most important safety tips for kids deal with heat illnesses. Unfortunately, children sometimes forget to drink water while they are outside, and overheating can quickly result. Teach your children the importance of proper hydration, and share with them the early warning signs of dehydration. If your children are nearby, you may want to occasionally take them water, sports drinks or lemonade to help keep them safe. Learn about the signs of heat stroke such as dehydration, confusion and poor motor skills.

Sun Damage

Kids rarely develop skin cancer, but most people who suffer from skin cancer have histories of sunburn. By teaching your children the importance of avoiding sunburn, you can help arm them with the skills they need to avoid potentially dangerous diseases in the future. Bring sunscreen with you if your family will be spending time outdoors, and remember to reapply sunscreen regularly. Try to help your children build the habit of applying sunscreen before spending time outside.

Home Alone

Even though kids are on summer vacation, mom and dad still have to go to work. Sometimes, this means they will be home without adult supervision, but taking a few precautions will ensure your latchkey kids are safe and sound. Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand that do not require heating. This will help illuminate the possibility of accidental burns and fires. Post emergency numbers near the phone and practice emergency procedures including calling 9-1-1. Make sure your children keep the doors locked at all times and know not to answer the door for anyone. And for added protection, installing a home security system will provide some peace of mind for parents who have to leave their kids home alone.

Summer is a great time for kids, and most summers pass without incident. However, there are some hidden dangers that parents will need to be on the lookout for. By looking for warning signs of potential problems and teaching your children how to protect themselves, you can ensure that summer is fun for everyone.

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