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A happy home is a safe home with the most secure home and family possible. Investing in a smart home security system is a great way to make this a reality. Here are some of the must-haves you want your system to offer.

Reliable Home Security  

Smart home systems can perform a number of impressive tasks related to home automation: turn on lights, adjust the thermostat, even open the garage door. But none of that matters if home security isn’t covered first. If an emergency occurs, you want a smart home security system that can notify the monitoring center and get help to your home as quickly as possible.

If a break-in attempt occurs, your system should wirelessly alert the alarm monitoring center – a 24/7 central station where trained security operators are standing by, ready to dispatch law enforcement when they receive your alarm signal.

Home automation is great, but reliable home security comes first.

Easy Operation

Codes, keypads and audible beeps…you can leave it all in the past with a smart home security system. A true smart home system lets you manage your home security with your mobile phone, via an easy-to-use home security app that can be set up during your installation. There are no steps to memorize (or forget), and no worries about setting off the alarm if you get any steps out of order. Just easy operation any family member can learn.

Standby Support Available

Whether you purchase all your smart home accessories at once or add them on one at a time, you’ll need the support to make them all work: from installation to configuration to integration, and all that is in addition to monitoring. The only way to get this support is by purchasing the equipment from a professional security integrator. We can do all of this, plus get the smart home app up and running. To get the most out of your smart home security system, this is the only way to go.

To learn more about smart home security must-haves, contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions. We will be glad to speak with you and provide a free home security consultation. 

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