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Electrical safety in the home is important all year long, but summer is a great time to revisit the subject. Here are some easy ways to practice electrical safety.

Be Aware of Electrocution Risks   

Hundreds of Americans are killed by electrocution accidents each year, and many more are gravely injured. What’s even worse: Many of these accidents were preventable. In rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, getting electrical cords, outlets and wires wet are very present dangers that can lead to electrocution once a person comes into contact with them. With that in mind, keeping household electronics far away from sinks, tubs, toilets and showers is critical.

Electronics to keep away from water include everything from radios and small TVs to hair dryers and curling irons. Also, always make sure your outlets are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), which are designed to automatically turn off if they get too wet.

Avoid Causing Electrical Surges 

Electrical surges can occur during thunder, lightning and wind storms, as these natural events can cause major voltage increases in electrical wires. If appliances aren’t protected from electrical surges, they can be fried beyond repair if one occurs. As a preventive measure, always use a surge protector when you plug in appliances – and remember, a power strip plug is not the same thing as a surge protector. And even if you do have a surge protector, unplugging appliances during a storm may still be a good idea.

Use Your Security System 

Yes, home security systems can improve electrical safety. For example, having monitored smoke detection ensures the homeowner will know as soon as an electrical fire has started; likewise, first responders will be dispatched to increase the chances of protecting lives and property.

Home security cameras can contribute to electrical safety as well. Having “eyes” on areas where children are sleeping or playing can keep them safe from electrical hazards, because parents can intervene as soon as they notice a risk. Of course, the motion sensors in a system can play a role too; parents can place a motion sensor near the nursery’s electrical outlets as part of the home security installation.

These are some of the ways homeowners can promote electrical safety, both with common sense and their home security systems. Illinois homeowners who want more information can contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions to request a free home security consultation.

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