b'Runner Service: A service provided by a fireSmoke Detector: A device that detects smoke alarm monitoring company in which a trainedand issues an alarm to alert nearby people that fire alarm system agent is sent out to every firethere is a potential fire. A household smoke alarm. Typically, the runner service has to bedetector will typically be mounted on the ceiling performed within one hour of the initial fireor on a wall near the ceiling as smoke tends to alarm. A technician is sent out to a fire alarm torise. To avoid the nuisance of false alarms, most reset the panel in the event of an alarm orsmoke detectors are mounted away from diagnose the electrical problem in the event ofkitchens or anywhere else where smoke is a false alarm.commonly present without a real fire. To Security Camera: A high quality video cameraincrease the chances of waking sleeping that is used for video verification monitoring oroccupants, most homes have at least one video surveillance.smoke detector in every bedroom, as well as in the hallway outside a bedroom. Smoke Security Company: A professional organizationdetectors are usually powered by one or more specializing in some aspect of security, whetheralarm batteries but some can be connected its sales, installation, service, monitoring, or alldirectly to household wiring. Local smoke of the above.detectors are battery operated and meant only as life safety devices. Security System: An electronic system that is designed to prevent theft or intrusion andMonitored smoke detectors are directly protect property and life. Burglar alarmconnected to a security system so that not only systems, access control systems, fire alarmwill they wake up any sleeping in the location, systems, and video surveillance systems are allthey will also alert a UL listed central station of types of security systems.a potential fire. If you would like to protect your property as well as your life it is important to Short Message Service (SMS): Ahave monitored smoke detectors and not just telecommunications standard that sends andlocal battery-operated smoke detectors. receives text messages utilizing the GSM data channel.Whether you have wireless monitored smoke detectors or local battery-operated smoke Silent Alarm: An alarm that makes no audibledetectors it is usually necessary to replace the noise. The control panel notifies central stationbatteries once a year to ensure appropriate operators of an alarm without setting off theprotection. Most smoke detectors work either security system sirens. Silent alarms are usedby optical detection or by ionization detection, when apprehension of an intruder is the mainbut some of them use both detection methods goal of the security system. Because there is noto increase sensitivity to smoke. Smoke audible alarm at the alarmed location, thedetectors may operate alone, be trespasser will have no idea that he or sheinterconnected to cause all detectors in an area tripped an alarm. The central station operatorsto sound an alarm if one is triggered, or be immediately dispatch the police who have aintegrated into a fire alarm or security system. chance to arrive unexpectedly and catch theSmoke detectors with flashing lights are criminal in the act. Panic buttons are oftenavailable for the deaf or hearing impaired, programmed as silent alarms.although recent research suggests that their Siren: A security system device that emits awaking effectiveness is poor. loud noise to scare away trespassers and alertStay Mode: An arming sequence of a security nearby witnesses that an alarm event hassystem that bypasses all interior motion occurred.detectors. It is meant to be used when a client 90'