b'Pet Immunity: The ability of a motion detectorThere are no definitions under the letter "Q" to ignore animals of a certain size to reduceat this time. false alarms. Pet immunity is usually obtainedRate-of-Rise (ROR) Heat Detectors: Heat by lowering the sensitivity of a motion detectordetector that triggers an alarm when a certain so that a fairly large object would need to bechange in temperature is registered in a present to trigger an alarm.predetermined small amount of time. (e.g. Phone Line Monitoring: A type of alarm15change in a ten-minute period) communication path that utilizes a POTS line toRecessed Door/Window Contact: A transmit alarm signals from the control panel todoor/window contact that is drilled and the central monitoring station. A standardmounted flush into the frame of a door or phone line is required for this type of alarmwindow. Typically consists of a magnet that is communication.drilled into the side edge of the door or window Phone line monitoring is susceptible to lineand an alarm transmitter that is aligned with cut tampering because all phone lines arethe magnet and drilled into the door/window exposed on the outside of your house.frame. Recessed door/window contacts make Photoelectric: See Optical Detectionfor clean and aesthetic installations since you cannot see the contact when the door or Power Supply: A device that supplies electricalwindow is closed. energy to an output load or to a group ofRemote Keypad: A non-fixed keypad that can output loads.arm and disarm a security system from a Preventative Maintenance: The act of regularlydefined distance to the control panel, similar to inspecting a security system and its alarma keyfob. If a remote keypad is to be used as the devices to verify that all devices are workingmain system keypad, it needs to be a system properly. Preventative maintenance ensuresstatus keypad for true protection. your security system will work when you need itRepeater: An electronic device that receives an most.alarm signal and retransmits it at a higher level, Priority Dispatch: A faster dispatch enjoyed byor onto the other side of an obstruction, so that those clients that have security systems thatthe signal can cover longer distances without utilize some type of alarm verification. No calldegradation. Repeaters are used to extend the verification is needed and therefore the policerange of a security systems control panel so respond to the alarm immediately.that you can have alarm devices further than the normal control panel range would allow. Programming: The act of setting up or changing the different settings of a security system.Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Signal: Wireless alarm devices and control panels use RF to Proximity Card: A badge, tag, or card thattransmit alarm signals. grants a user access to a restricted area when placed close to a proximity reader.Router: A device that provides IP address routing, network address translation, DHCP Proximity Reader: An access control device thatfunctions, firewall functions, and LAN controls an electronic lock. When a proximityconnectivity similar to a network switch. If the card is placed near a proximity reader access isrouter is wireless, it can also provide granted.connectivity for all wireless alarm devices on the LAN. 89'