b'PROSPECTINGWhen prospecting, its important to keep in mind funnel management, territory management and time management.A few steps are important before building a proper pipeline.The most important word in prospecting is activity.Activity will drive you to be successful.The amount of and quality of activity will show in your results.(RULE!Its not how you feel that determines how you act, its how you act that determines how you feel.) Step 1: -Build a prospect list of 50 targeted companies.Identify the decision maker name, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.If you need help pulling a list, please contact our Director of Marketing, Jeremy Simmons.He can pull a list for you to review based on zip code and type of business.Remember the qualification of the prospect is important. oOther options to build a prospect list: 1.Cold CallingStop by businesses.Please see scripting in playbook2.COIVisit your previous relationships or clients.Please see scripting in playbook. 3.ReferralsAsk your current clients for referrals. Please see scripting in playbook 4.NetworkingVisit a local networking group. 5.ResearchSurf the web or local news to find opportunities. -After creating your 50 targeted prospects, identify your Top 10 list.Whos your favorite prospects?Identify and create a Top 10 list.Print multiple copies to take with you on any and all meetings.Keep in front of you at all times!See example in playbook.Step 2: -Build your calendar!Time is the most important non-renewable asset you have, and it will manage you if you dont manage it.Each week will look different than the next, but you need to be disciplined to prioritize the highest-most important times for yourself. oMost Important Times: Prospecting (Cold Calling or Warm Calling) Phone Call & E-mail Time (Prospecting calls) Presenting (Meeting with a qualified Potential Client) Client Meetings Building of Quotes Office Meetings (Team Meetings) Company Meetings -Make it a focus to build these times into your calendar.Prospecting (Cold Calling or Warm Calling) and Phone Call & Email Time (Prospecting calls) seem to always disappear but cant.The most successful salespeople make it a priority to do those two every week.They dont TRY to they DO it! 8'