b'motion. These cameras can either distinguishdetecting flaming fires because there wont be pixilation changes to begin the recording, orenough of a light change to set off the device. they can use built-in motion detectors toPanic Alarm: A type of alarm that is handled by activate the recording.a central monitoring station with an immediate Motion Detector: An alarm device that usespriority dispatch. No call verification is needed passive infrared or microwave detection towhen a panic alarm is received by a central detect motion in an alarmed premise. Somestation operator. motion detectors are even more advancedPanic Button: A device that when pressed, utilizing dual technology detection or petcauses an alarm event regardless of whether or immunity.not the security system is armed or unarmed. When your security motion is activated in stayPanic alarms can be programmed to cause a mode, motion detectors are bypassed allowingsilent alarm or a normal audible alarm. you to walk freely through your alarm premises.Partition: Segmented section of a security Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Asystem. A user can setup partitions, so that one telecommunications standard for transmittingarea of the alarmed location can be armed, messages that contain multimedia objects suchwhile the other areas stay unarmed. For as images, video, audio, or rich text. It is aninstance, an inventory room can be partitioned extension of the SMS standard that allows forfrom the rest of the store so that while people longer message lengths and is used most oftenare working, the main areas are unarmed and in sending picture text messages.the inventory room stays armed. National Burglar & Fire Alarm AssociationPerimeter Protection: A type of security in (NBFAA): The largest professional non-profitwhich most or all doors and windows are 501(c) 6 trade association in the United Statesprotected with a door/window contact. The with the purpose of representing, promotingidea behind perimeter protection is that you and enhancing the growth and professionaldetect a burglary as soon as possible. With development of the electronic life safety,interior protection you dont receive an alarm security, and integrated systems industry.until the intruder walks in front of an interior Opening/Closing Reports: A security systemprotection sensor. With perimeter protection that is programmed for openings and closingsyou receive an alarm as soon as the entry point will send a signal to a central monitoring stationis violated and therefore secure a faster every time the system is armed or disarmed.dispatch. The central monitoring station can then printPassive Infra-Red Motion Detector (PIR): An out a report of these openings and closings soalarm device that measures infrared (IR) light that the user can monitor the use of his or herradiating from objects in its field of view to security system.sense motion and activate an alarm. Once the Optical Detection (Photoelectric): A type ofPIR motion detector is installed, it settles into a smoke detection that is better at detectingnormal state with a normal temperature. smoky or smoldering fires as it detects changesApparent motion is detected when an infrared in light. When a room fills with smoke there issource with another temperature, such as a less light available to the optical sensor in thehuman, passes in front of the PIR detector and smoke detector and an alarm is triggered. Thischanges the normal temperature causing an type of smoke detector is not as good atalarm. 88'