b'reasons only. Building codes require a certainapplied to the reed switch it changes from its amount of local smoke detectors to ensure thatnormal state of closed to an open state which occupants would be woken up and alerted tocauses an alarm. the threat of fire.Medical Alarm System: A life safety system Monitored smoke detectors go a step further byconsisting of an electronic device worn on a attempting to protect the property as well asbracelet or necklace and a control panel that the occupants. While a local smoke detectorcan auto dial telephone numbers or dial a will only sound a local siren, a monitored smokecentral monitoring station when the device is detector sounds a local siren and also sends anactivated by the user. Depending on the alarm signal to a central monitoring station soseverity of the situation, alarm monitoring staff that the fire department is made aware of thewill summon friends, family, or emergency fire. Monitored smoke detectors protect yourpersonnel. property and your life, and can even get you aMicrowave Detector: A type of motion detector discount on your homeowners insurance.that emits microwaves and looks for a return. Local Security System: A burglar alarm systemWhen the microwaves come into contact with a that is not connected to a central monitoringmoving object, some of the microwave energy station. When an alarm signal is received by theis reflected back and that triggers an alarm. control panel, the system sounds a local siren.Heat, light, sound, or vibration will not set off a While local security systems can bemicrowave detector and therefore they are programmed to dial a number, it leaves theideal for extreme environments where typical responsibility of contacting emergencypassive infrared (PIR) motion detectors would response in the property owners hands.be ineffective. Oftentimes the owner will not be available toMonitored Security System: The basic idea of respond or to request response, which is whyalarm monitoring is to inform key holder and local security systems are not eligible forlocal police, fire, or medical response that the homeowners insurance discounts.security system has been activated. While a Monitored security systems are eligible for thelocal security system is meant to be a deterrent, discount because insurance companies knowa monitored security system is meant to catch that homes protected by a monitored securitythe criminal in the act and protect anyone that system are backed up by a live centralmay be home during a robbery. monitoring station 24/7.Monitored Smoke Detector: Monitored smoke Loop: Hardwired alarm control panels usuallydetectors go a step further by attempting to have a number of loops or zones, with 4 or 6protect the property as well as the occupants. loops being the most common. Each loop canWhile a local smoke detector will only sound a have a number of devices connected to it andlocal siren, a monitored smoke detector sounds has its own address, but each device on a loopa local siren and also sends an alarm signal to a is not distinguishable from the rest of thecentral monitoring station so that the fire devices on that loop.department is made aware of the fire. Master Code: A four-digit user code for aMonitored smoke detectors protect your security system that has additional privilegesproperty and your life, and can even get you a such as being able to delete other user codes.discount on your homeowners insurance. Magnetic Reed Switch: It is found inMotion Activated Cameras: A security camera door/window contacts and when a magnet isthat is set to record based on the detection of 87'