b'connection is constantly polled by the centralallow one touch arming and disarming as well station receiver and as soon as the connectionas other system functionality. Some keypads are is lost a trouble alarm occurs.more advanced such as a talking keypad that Internet Protocol (IP): Is a data-orientedspeaks system status in plain English or a touch protocol used for communicating data across ascreen keypad that can be used to control home packet switched inter-network.appliances. Internet Protocol Address (IP Address): AIt is important that a keypad be able to provide unique 12-digit code that identifies a computersystem status on all zones so that when the or device on an IP network. XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX issystem is armed the user is made aware of any the format for IP address with each X a numberzones that are in fault. For instance, if the back between 0 and 255. IP networks use the IPdoor was left open, the keypad should let the address to forward messages between differentuser know that the backdoor zone is in trouble devices on the network.when the user attempts to arm the system. If a keypad cannot provide system status, you run Intrusion: See Burglarythe risk of arming your system with an open zone which would leave the security system Ionization Detection: A type of smoke detectionvulnerable to unauthorized entry. used in most smoke detectors as it is inexpensive and better at detecting smallerLife Safety: Any type of security system or amounts of smoke produced by flaming fires.security system monitoring that is meant to Smoke detectors using ionization detection useprotect ones life instead of property. Fire an ionization chamber and a source of ionizingalarms, panic buttons, or medical alert systems radiation to detect smoke.are all examples of life safety systems. There are no definitions under the letter "J" atLight Emitting Diode (LED): A semiconductor this time.diode that emits light when an electric current is applied in the forward direction of the device. Keyfob: A keychain remote used to arm andThis effect is a form of electroluminescence. An disarm a security system with the touch of aLED is usually a small area source, often with button. Keyfob buttons can usually beextra optics added to the chip that shapes its programmed for many different functions suchradiation pattern. The color of the emitted light as system armings and disarmings, panicdepends on the composition and condition of alarms, and X10 lighting. In apartments andthe semi-conducting material used, and can be condominiums where there are common areasinfrared, visible, or near-ultraviolet. LEDs are that many different people need access to, aused in the security industry to amplify lighting keyfob can also double as a proximity card thatin a dark room so that security cameras are able allows authorized access to restricted areas.to capture better quality pictures. Key Holder: A nominated person who is able toLED Keypad: Remote arming station with light-operate the security system and has keys to theemitting diode display. Allows limited access to property. In the event of an alarm, thesecurity system functions. dispatched authorities will often request a key holder to meet them at the alarmed location soLocal Area Network (LAN): A group of that they have access to investigate the alarm.computers and associated devices that share a common communications line. Keypad: Used for operating a fire or burglar alarm system. Typically found at every entryLocal Smoke Detector: A battery operated, non-area to an alarmed location, keypads oftenmonitored smoke detector used for life safety 86'