b'SALES PIPELINE MANAGEMENTAFTER QUOTE IS PREPAREDA sales pipeline starts well before the quote is prepared.In this section, you will learn how best to manage your activity and update the CRM to be more effective. WHEN CREATING AND MANAGEMENT OF QUOTES KEEP IN MIND IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW. Details of Quote 1.Expected Close DateUpdate expected close date after any and all changes received by the prospect/client.You should review every two days and make necessary changes.You should NEVER allow the expected close date to pass your current date. 2.Contact PersonWho are you meeting with?The cast of characters?HR/Finance/Owner/Etc.?Keep your records correct.NEVER just put information into the quote for the sake of filling in information.Activity Timeline 1.Next StepsYou should always have next steps in your CRM.If you dont have clarity and commitments in the system, you cant expect your prospect/client to be on the same page.After any and all meetings with the prospect/client, you should update your next steps.If this is NOT in the system and cannot be tracked, then theres no evidence to support your follow-up.Be detailed in your description!Example:Spoke with Brett on the phone (date/time) to set next meeting.He has asked for me to follow-up early next Monday at 2p if I havent heard from him.The purpose of the next call is to set an in-person meeting.2.Past ActivityYour past activity will show how youre working your pipeline.If you have no past activity and not sure about where the opportunity is in the pipeline, you havent updated your notes appropriately.Be disciplined to record activity to support your pipeline!Reviewing with your Leader 1.One on OneYour local leader will be helping you manage and track your pipeline.Frequency will vary by market.The purpose is to help you be more effective and efficient with your pipeline.Be prepared to discussed specifics about your pipeline (Top Opportunities, DMs youre meeting with, # of quotes, expected close dates and more).Your local leader will be in touch to schedule your one on ones. 2.Closing or Moving OpportunitiesYour leader and you need to choose whether to update your expected close date on the opportunity or to close the file.One should never continually spend their time chasing opportunities but spend time creating and closing high probability opportunities.75'