b'To create a rapport, your primary guide will be to get them talking and preferably about themselves, not just business. Youll want to build a list of the rapport questions youll want to test and then morph it, eventually, into a list of What works. Consider, either up-front, or during a walk-through, or at lunch, these questions: 1.Are you an Illinois guy? Did you grow up around here? 2.When you were a little kid did you ever say to yourself, When I grow up, I want to be a ______? 3.In a first meeting, how do you like to roll? Do you like big-picture talk or do you like to get into the weeds of how security works? You a detail guy or not so much? 4.You the type of person that likes to do things right the first time, or are you an adventurous, lets do it person? 5.You the kind of person that likes how the system blends with the design and surroundings of the building or just that its effective? I mean, I know you want it effective, but do you consider how it looks, too? 6.Have you ever been in somebody elses building and commented on their system by saying, Oooh, I never heard of that, or I like the way that functions, or I gotta get me one of those? Or even, What a waste of moola! 7.When you choose a provider, whats your criteria for choosing? Sometimes people want an effective, convincing argument, some trust us immensely and just want it to be right and easy and some people just want the price down and dirty. What about you? 8.Are you the kind of guy that says, If it aint broke, dont fix it, or Whats the latest-greatest? 9.Man, do you remember when we were kids? Hardly anybody had security systems. Gosh, the world sure changed? 10. Gosh, whats your own gut tell you about security systemnecessary evil? Or right thing to do and grateful we can do it for our people, first, and then the company?73'