b'SETTING THE STAGE AND BUILDING RAPPORTYoull recall that rapport is giving back or offering back the other person and what you are giving or offering back is them. RULE!People buy from people they like and they like people who are like them. Giving back the other person is a way of considering how you mirror and match; how you become them. You know well that people often are in love with themselves. While thats funny, the real story behind that is that people wished everyone would see, hear and fell the world the way they do. Their experience trumps yoursin their mind. People also fear judgment and are acutely aware when they feel someone else judging them. How do you create a judgment-free zone in your interactions with others? By giving them back to themselves.Effective communicators know this data about being a reflector: The wordsTheir tonality =Body language = they use =38% of effective55% of effective 7% of effectivecommunications communicationscommunications72'