b'Sales Rep: Earlier we discussed that we would end up in one of 3 different places at the end today.Bucket 1, we are a fit and scheduling detailed next steps, Bucket 2 of not a fit but how do we help one another, Bucket 3you have questions for me, and I will work to answer.Let me ask.Which bucket are we in? Owner: I think its a good fit. Sales Rep: I believe so too.In order to move forward, I need to get your signature on this proposal so we can start the engagement process with our operations team.Can you please sign here? Owner signs the agreement. Sales Rep: Brett, I look forward to protecting your people, place and profits.Our next steps will be (all actions coming out of the meeting), I will be in touch in the next 24HR on installation date/time and to find a time for a review after the installation takes place.Is there anything Ive missed, or youd like to add?Remember its not always this easy and you could get objections.71'