b'FILL THE NEED & THE CLOSETypically, this will occur in the proposal stage (2nd or 3rd meeting).The objective is to fill their pain with solutions.Your style may be PowerPoint, Prezi or a Proposal and we have examples saved to the P Drive for your review.The importance here is to have clarity on how to present based on asking the decision maker(s) specific questions are their expectation of delivery. -Brett would you like for me to deliver a detailed description of exactly how the systems/processes will work (hardware/parts/etc.) or a higher level of why in our next meeting? This will give you the ability to prepare beforehand a be ready to present.As you present solution sets to the decision maker(s), keep in mind that you need to tailor solutions specifically to certain buyers.CEOPeople and Profits; CFOProfits; HRPeople; COOProperty Address their pain and offer a solution.Sales Rep: Brett, you mentioned that youre losing inventory every week and it is costing you 1,000s of dollars.Is that still an issue? Owner: Yes. Sales Rep: Ok.To fix this issue we will add a new access control system to your building that looks like (Reference picture/blueprint/proposal) and heres what this means to you Follow this process on all pain hot buttons that the decision maker(s) have until all pains have been identified and resolved. Sales Rep: Brett, is there anything Ive missed that I need to address? Owner: No. This is great.How much? Sales Rep: Sure.Happy to share the investment amount.For the all-in solution, along with ongoing service and inspections it will be $____ per month. **Lead with Lease** 70'