b'PRESENTATION AND PROPOSALSThe best presentations and proposals are planned and tailored to fit the need of the prospect/client.Below is a two-part recommendation on how to plan and write your proposal.Keep in mind, this is designed to help you build your proposal, not present.We recommend that you use your ultimate up-front contract and meeting outline to run the meeting effectively.Part 1Plan your proposal -Define your audienceWho will you be presenting to?What do they need to hear? -Define your issueWhat is the pain?Has anyone ever tried to deal with this issue before? -Define your solutionHow do you solve the pain?What does it mean to them to solve this pain? -Keep elements of style in mindHow are you going to be persuasive?Be direct! -Make an outlineThis will help you organize your thoughts.Part 2Writing your proposal -Start with a firm introductionAn introduction of the company but more importantly you! -State the problemWhat is the pain? -Propose solutions in writingHow do we solve the pain?What does it mean to solve? -Design site visit blueprint showing visual solutionsVisuals!People will want to see it before they buy it. -Include a schedule and budgetTimeline of the project along with estimated cost. -Wrap up with a conclusionSummarize the benefits of the proposal with filling the pain with all of your solutions offered -Edit your workBe meticulous in writing, editing and designing the proposal. -Proofread your workMistakes will make you look like a rookie.Always ask your leader or another team member for eyes! -Save your work for other on the Public Drive (P:)Save your finished documents so others can benefit from your proposals.69'