b'NEXT STEPS AND EXPECTATIONSGathering clarity and commitment will impact your paycheck in a major way.The more clarity you have after a meeting the more you control next steps.The more commitment you have after a meeting the more you influence decision making. Scenario:Business Owner just told you that he/she is a 9 out of 10 and may move forward.You firm him/her down on the decision and they say send me a revised agreement and call me sometime next week.Owner: This proposal looks pretty good, but can you send over a revised agreement with additional products/services and call me next week?Sales Rep: Okassuming Im do that, and everything falls into the budget, are we good to go?Anything holding you back from signing?Owner: Nope.Just give me a call next week to confirm.Sales Rep: Got it.Just so Im clear and I leave here with my action items.Im going back and doing(any and all actions listed from this meeting), updating the proposal and scheduling a time for a call.Brett, before I leave when a good day/time to call you next week? (Be Specific here)Owner: Im free on Thursday at 3p.Sales Rep: Great.Heres what Im going to do.Im going to leave here today complete all my action items, send you an agreement to reviewplease confirm receipt as some fall into spam and send a calendar invitation for a yes/no on the proposal.Does that sound right?Anything else I need to do?Owner: Nope.This sounds great. 66'