b'AGREE ON NEEDPainTesting for the Strength of the Prospects Pain Unsuccessful sales calls can often be attributed to impatience or moving too quickly through the pain step. The pain step is where you create transparency and trust. The pain step is when you find the truth and the truth is whether the prospect will act upon the pain(s) theyve described to you. How will you test that commitment, strength or resolve to go in a new direction? Think of it as red light/green light. No pain, no sale means the buyer is not committed to acting upon change and is willing to stay with the devil they know. Red light is a no. Why continue to talk about budget, or their decision-making process or what we can do for them, if theyre not committed? Intellectually, thats an easy one, youd stop. Emotionally, however, is different, as is your need to please, serve and try harder.At the end of the pain step, youll want to see if its a green light to keep qualifying (not presenting mind you, qualifying). The end of the pain step might sound like this:Sales Rep:Brett, it sounds like this has been bothering you for a while and its not going to go away. Fair? It also sounds like if the problem stays like it is right now, its going to be a revenue suck on the company. Did I get that right? Youve also made it clear that by investing in FE Moran there will be a clear ROI. Correct? Heres the thing, sometimes people find it easier to stay with the devil they know, or they have a fear of making the wrong decision. Are you sure you want to keep talking or should we stop or take a time out right now?You know me, you always have permission to say no whenever you want. What should we do? Do you have any hidden fears or concerns we havent talked about? Owner: (They say nothank them and close the file). (They say yes) Sales Rep: Well, thank you. I find it important to move slowlytake baby stepsto make sure you do the right thing for your business. And since you want to keep talking, maybe we should talk about budget. Fair? Now youve successfully entered the budget step where you can ask questions about budget. 65'