b'PAIN FUNNELIf you cant get down to the emotion or true pain that a prospect is feeling, you could be dealing with a disqualified prospect, which means ultimately making the sale could be challenging if not impossible.Here are our tips for using a pain funnel to delve deeper so you can connect with the prospect to provide the help they need.Start Broad Start at a high level, at the open top of the funnel.Stay general with your questions as you begin working your way down to the small piece of pain at the bottom that is the crux of the situation.You will want to ask question likeTell me moreCan you be a bitGive me an about that more specific? example.How long has thatWhat have you been a problem? tried to do aboutAnd that worked?that?How much do youHow do you feelHave you given up suppose that hasabout that? trying to deal with cost you? the problem?Dont be afraid to ask your prospect/client how they envision you helping them so you can cater your offerings to meet their specific needs. 64'