b'OBJECTION HANDLINGPROACTIVE APPROACH Handle objections before you reach the close.Actively build in questions below to receive clarity and commitment at the close.If these questions are asked during the pain funnel step (needs analysis) then you will have a higher probability of not having to address these objections at the end. We need it, but not today 1.If you solve this problem now, whats the benefit to your organization? 2.What is the benefit to you personally?3.Are you committed to talking action now? 4.If you put off doing something now will things get better or worse? 5.What is the cost of putting this off? I prefer someone else 1.Would you prefer to work with a large firm that has many clients, or would you feel more comfortable with a smaller firm who could pay more attention to you? 2.Are you more comfortable working with a small firm who has limited resources but will do their best to work with you or a large firm who has substantial resources at their fingertips and is able to respond to all your needs? The moment has past 1.Are you going to be in a position to make a decision at the conclusion of our meeting next Tuesday? 2.What if anything might prevent you from doing so? Im not the decision maker 1.Does anyone else have to approve this before we can get started? 2.Who in the company is interested in this project? 3.Who in the company could stop a decision to move forward? 4.What would cause you to not make a decision, delay or put it off?63'