b'QUALIFY - FACT FINDINGAsk questions:How many employees?Have you had any recent issues that have prompted security concerns?What existing security measures do you have in place? Where do employees enter the building? Is this different than where visitors/vendors enter? Do employees or customers walk to their cars late at night? Where are deliveries made? During the day, are there external entrances that are left unlocked and unsupervised? If so, why, and what entrances? Is there presently any security procedure or control mechanism for the parking areas? Yes/No Do you use guard services/patrols in, or around your facility? If so, what prompted you to initially use them? How do your phone lines enter the building? Overhead or underground? Do they terminate in a secure room? How many employees do you have at this facility? What is your Two-year projection? Are there any safety or operational procedures that must be followed at your facility? How do you currently ensure these procedures are being followed? What is your companys annualized turnover percentage? Has your company ever experienced any challenges from a disgruntled employee?Do you have any temporary or contract employees? Do they have full access to the building? Does anyone have master keys to the facility? Yes/No Where are the keys kept? A simple fact of an intrusion system is that if it is not armed it will not detect an intruder. Is it important that your business opens and closes on time? Do you have a crisis response plan in place to address a crisis situation? Yes/No You had mentioned inventory loss being an issue. Do you have an inventory area that is the main area of loss?Yes, the stock room. Do you know happens when people are in there? No. Is it possible that a person could enter your building using someone elses credentials/card ID? Do the same number of children arrive and leave at the end of the day? How do you know? What do you do to manage the check-in and check-out?62'