b"SITE SURVEYA site survey is a series of questions that you need to ask yourself to determine what information is relevant and needed to prepare the proper solution.Please see a list of questions and make detailed notes for your parts building process in Shield Stream.We also advise to visit the P Drive for more resources.Do you want it combined with intrusion or fire alarm? Do you want the credential to disarm the intrusion? ACCESS CONTROL Panel -Where will the central panel be-Hosted, Owned, or Leased located?-How many administrators? -What electricity is there?-Any PC's required? -Is there an existing panel?If so,-What type of monitoring is how is it being monitored?required? -Is there a network connection? Doors -Number-Material -Type-Frame Material Devices -Door Strike Type and Size-Type of Request to Exit -Type of Door Contact-Type of card reader Credentials -Number of Credentials-Key Fob -Standard or Smart-Adhesive -Blank Card-Bluetooth -Printable Card Fire Alarm Integration -Do they have a fire alarm or-Do we need to integrate to ensure sprinkler system?doors are open? Facility -Are there drop ceilings?-Any other install parameter-When can we do the work?58"