b'UPFRONT CONTRACT - ULTIMATECongratulations! You have qualified the prospect for pain, budget, and the decision-making process theyll use to make their ultimate decision. You have now earned the right to present. Before you close the decision-making process compartment of our Security Selling Process, it time to set the stage for a successful presentation and close. Thats achieved by establishing the Ultimate Up-Front Contract.This is a sacred moment not to be underestimated.While you were qualifying in the decision-making process step, youve learned who will be in the decision suite during the presentation (or who the active voters are). You know the companies flow chart and the cast of characters, who have influence and authority, and will have a vote, or a voice, at the table. Youve even flushed out who will be voting for FE Moran and who will not, and why.More importantly, youve learned the exact time they will meet after the presentations to discuss and determine who will be selected. You also have learned how and when they reach back to the winner(s) and loser(s) to inform them of their decision. The goal of the Ultimate Up-Front Contract is to knowexactly the date and time youll get your decision. 56'