b'UPFRONT CONTRACTThe purpose of the upfront contract is to create control of the meeting process.If performed routinely you will avoid weird scenarios in meetings and ultimately the decision to say yes or no will come from the process.There will be NO reason to ask for the sell.The decision maker will self-select.PurposeIs to discuss whether or not we are a fit for one another.Is that what you were expecting?Their AgendaIs there anything in particular that you want to make sure we cover today?Our AgendaIn order for us to see if were a good fit, I will need to ask questions about your business-like security protocols, growth plans, employees, prior employees, etc., if any of the questions are confidential please feel free to let me know.Im not trying to pry.Im just looking to see if were a good fit. At any time during this process if either one of us feels that this is not a fit, are you ok with us just stopping the meeting? TimeI have us here for an hour.Does that still work for you?OutcomeTypically at the end of the meeting, we end up in one of three bucketsWe may be a good fit and we are scheduling next stepsWe agree that we arent a fit and are looking for other opportunities to help one anotherYou have other questions for me and well discuss how to get those addressedAll I ask is at the end of the meeting, we pick a bucket so we both have clarity, fair?**Transition Statement**With that in mind, can you give me an overview of your current security and fire?REMEMBER TO FLOW THROUGH THIS PROCESS.THE PURPOSE IS TO CONTROL THE OUTCOME OF THE MEETING.THE OUTCOME OF THE MEETING IS GETTING A YES OR A NO FOR NEXT STEPS. 55'