b'ULTIMATE Upfront Contract for the Close: The purpose of the ultimate upfront contract is to give you the ability to control the meeting, understand if anything is new to add to the agenda and gather clarity at the end of the meeting for next steps.At the end of this meeting, you should know exactly the date and time you will get your yes or no.Ideally, youll have counted the votes before you present.Fill the Need: Before jumping right to the quote or to the plan, be sure to cover the needs/painin order of their priority and agree that youre there to solve their problems and add tremendous value.The prospect needs to agree that you are the solution not the quote!Remember to recap, restate and present.Close (Asking for the business!): This is where you win.You have to use your entire process to bring the decision maker to say YES.Dont walk away withHey, we will get back to you. Or, Call me in a few weeks!Have clarity and commitment!A true Trusted Advisor never has to ask for the business.The process will drive the prospect to call the shot, yes or no.Plan Next Steps: The Post Sell Step After every meeting, gather commitment and clarity.Know what you should be doing next!Have action items!Restate your prospects and your action items to the prospect!Take diligent notes for a recap and follow-up with the prospect.Remember: Ill follow-up with you someday next week has zero clarity!Ill follow-up with you on Tuesday at 2p is purposeful.When you leave you should have next steps!47'