b'THE CLOSENow its time for the close.In preparation, you may choose to build a proposal or presentation.Everyone has their own style.Please reach out to sales support for examples relating to previous proposal, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.It is important that within your proposal you fingerprint their need/pain in their words, as well as a re-statement of their core values that you uncovered. Set TheBuildUltimateFill TheClose (AskNext Stage Rapport ContractNeed For TheSteps To Close Sale) (Post Sell) Set the Stage:Greet the DM and thank him/her for taking the time to meet with you.Before sitting down, ask for any and all outstanding items you were expecting for the meeting. 1.Were you expecting all decision makers to be present? 2.Were you expecting blueprints, drawings, current agreement, other quotes, etc.?The information will help you accurately qualify the prospect and give you a clearer understanding of needs, decision making process, obstacles and opportunities.Build Rapport/Business Background: The goal is to continue rapport building, so the Decision Maker continues to build trust.Ask more questions and make conversation -How are things?How have you been? -Talk about something relevant in the moment -Talk about other projects youve been working on or businesses youre calling on46'