b'Upfront Contract for Site Survey: The purpose of the upfront contract is to give you the ability to control the process, understand if anything is new to add to the agenda and gather clarity at the end of the meeting for next stepsSite Visit or Walk Through: NOTE: Take pictures (ASK for permission), request blueprints, take notes and draw pictures that will be helpful when discussing with other team members.Be prepared to ask questions!Collect Information!Plan Next Steps: After every meeting, gather commitment and clarity.Know what you should be doing next!Have action items!Restate your prospects and your action items to the prospect!Take diligent notes for a recap and follow-up with the prospect.Remember: Ill follow-up with you someday next week has zero clarity!Ill follow-up with you on Tuesday at 2p is purposeful.When you leave you should have agreed upon, clear next steps!Can we agree that 2p is a good time to talk next week or do you have a better time? 44'