b'Needs Analysis: The purpose of qualifying the prospect and asking questions is to uncover pain points or needs.This is one of the most important areas of focus in the meeting.Most of your time in a meeting should be in this section.Asking good questions to uncover the fit is extremely important. -See example in playbook for Needs AnalysisPain Funnel and Agree on Need: The purpose is to understand whats urgent, important and needs to be fixed.We are sometimes asking the prospect to FIRE their current provider and switch to us.In order to make this happen, we have to find pain and agree that there is a need to change. -See example in playbook for Pain FunnelSite Visit or Walk Through: NOTE: This is optional and may NOT occur in this meeting.This may need to be setup later because of time available or you may need an experienced technician/sales representative/leader to join you.The site visit and walk through is situational.If you are able to perform a walk through and have limited knowledge.Take pictures (ASK for permission), request blueprints, take notes and draw pictures that will be helpful when discussing with other team members. -See example in playbook for Site SurveyPlan Next Steps: After every meeting, gather commitment and clarity.Know what you should be doing next!Have action items!Restate your prospects and your action items to the prospect!Take diligent notes for a recap and follow-up with the prospect.Remember: Ill follow-up with you someday next week has zero clarity!Ill follow-up with you on Tuesday at 2p is purposeful.When you leave you should have agreed upon, clear next steps!Can we agree that 2p is a good time to talk next week or do you have a better time? -See example in playbook for planning Next Steps 41'