b'THE 1ST MEETING Set TheBuildUpfrontNeedsPainPlan Stage Rapport Contract Analysis Funnel Site Visit Next Steps Set the Stage:Greet the DM and thank him/her for taking the time to invite you in and meet with you.Before sitting down, ask for any and all outstanding items you were expecting for the meeting. 1.Were you expecting all decision makers to be present? 2.Were you expecting blueprints, drawings, current agreement, other quotes, etc.?The information will help you accurately qualify the prospect and give you a clearer understanding of needs/pain, budget, decision-making process, and any obstacles or opportunities. -See example in playbook for setting the stageBuild Rapport/Business Background: The goal is to build basic rapport, so the Decision Maker is more comfortable with us and the qualify is more open.Basic rapport building questions: -How long theyve been in their role? -How the person youre speaking with started with the company? -How long have they been at the company? -If they are the owner, how they got into the business/what their background was prior? -Do they have other locations? -See example in playbook for Build Rapport and Business BackgroundUpfront Contract: The purpose of the upfront contract is to give you the ability to control the meeting, understand the agenda and be able to ask for the sell at the end of the meeting. -See example in playbook for Upfront Contract 40'