b'SECOND PHONE CALLNON-REFERRAL Scenario:You are following up with a phone call to an Owner 30-45 days sinceyour previous conversation. A.Getting through the screener **Use the same script as you would for an initial phone call.** B.Introduction and Benefit StatementScenario: The screener put your call through and the owner answered the call.**Keep in mind you have spoken to this person in the past, and this should be a warmer call.You should feel like youre building a case for yourself.**Owner: This is Brett.Sales Rep: Hey Brett, (your first and last name).How are you today?Owner: O.K. / Fine / What can I help you with?Sales Rep: Brett, hopefully you remember the nameIm with FE Moran Security Solutions, a top national electronic security provider in the US.I actually spoke with you back on (date of previous call) and wasnt able to get any time in your schedule.Im following back up because since we last spoke Ive started working with X, Y, and Z (drop names of companies in the area or industry)and again based on what I know Im confident a meeting would be worth our time together.I believe we can help put an objective eye on your people, property and profits via security technology to show an ROI.With that being said, I was looking to get some time with you on Wednesday or Thursday, would either 11a or 1p work for you?**This is just ONE example of how a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. call could go.Use your notes from previous conversations and reference them during the call.** 35'