b'LEAD DEVELOPMENT**After overcoming multiple objections or feeling like youve exhausted all angles to set an appointment with the owneragree to follow up in the future and develop the lead for a later date!**Owner: Thats all great, but again you have to meet with my operations manager.This is something Im not going to take a look at right now.Sales Rep: Fair enough.It sounds like Ive caught you at a bad time.Ill follow up with you down the road. NEVER EVER SAY: If I were to meet with X person would they be able to make the decision?or If I met with them could I then bounce into see you for a few minutes?This ultimately NEVER works and will kill your mentally. Again, this is a losing proposition for you as a sales person.**TAKE DETAILED NOTES FROM THE CALL (DATE, TIME, WHO YOU TALKED TO, WHAT HAPPENED, WHAT OBJECTIONS YOU FACED, OWNERS TONE OR MOODETC.)THIS IS THE INFORMATION YOULL USE WHEN YOU CALL THE OWNER BACK AT A LATER DATE.SEE SECOND CALL**32'