b'Scenario:The owner has just agreed to meet with you.Now find your way into a conversation about their account to ensure that you are indeedgoing on a good appointment. Extend the call.Part 1Sales Rep: Great, if you could share your e-mail address I will send over a meeting invitation.Owner: Sure.Its bbean@femoransecurity.comPart 2Sales Rep: Great and Brett if you could make a note to pull your most recent blueprints of the building and any security invoices for our meeting, that would be helpful.Owner: What do you need that for?Sales Rep: They help me verify protocols, inspections and codes.It gives me a clear picture of how youre currently setup.Owner: Ok.Ill pull those.Part 3Sales Rep: Brett, one last question for youAssuming I can share with your potential opportunities to streamline security efficiencies and show how security can grow your profits, any reason you wouldnt take a hard look and making a switch over to FE Moran Security?Owner: Sure, if it makes senseSales Rep: Great, Ill see you next Thursday at 11:00a. 31'