b'Using Information on the Phone Call One of the examples contains the statement:I know(use info from the cold call)These statements are dropping information.Dropping information while overcoming an objection is referencing specific and unique information youve uncovered about the company from the cold call. (This adds credibility to the phone call.)Dropping information is most beneficial as youre overcoming the same objection for the second time, or if the owner asks, How exactly can you help me out? Keep in mind, you can drop information when overcoming the first objection; but in doing so, be careful to not mention all of the specifics you know.If you do, you wont have any additional information to reference when overcoming the second objection.Dont overwhelm or confuse the prospect, sound like youve been here before and make this feel like a business call vs a sales call.Your delivery of message and voice inflection will help or hurt the call.Remember:How does the buyer hear you?Do you sound credible and worth taking a meeting with? Unique information will set you apart from every other salesperson out there.Gathering unique information is the reason the cold call is the 2nd most critical aspect of the entire sales process outside of the phone call which is number 1.A lot of your success on the phone will be determined by the amount and quality of information on your leads.Without specific and unique information about a company, it will be very difficult to make a quality phone call into an owner.Power Statements 1.Ive done my homework on your account and I know (use info on lead) 2.I realize you cant meet with every sales representative that calls you, but this is a little different (use info on lead) 3.Im not calling you randomly off of some marketing list (use info on lead) 4.I personally prospected you face-to-face, and I know(use info on lead) Always restate the Benefit and Close for time **How does the buyer hear you? **Do you sound human? **Think about your pace, voice inflection and your tone. These are areas that lead to positive results at getting an appointmentSolidify Part 1: Give the Owner your name and number Part 2:Get an agreement from the Owner to pull blueprints and security files Part 3:Take the Owners temperature/test the water.Get the appt set up right!30'