b'**Another way to handle it** Sales Rep: Brett, fair enough, and I respect the fact you want me to meet with those who handle the operations.But Brett, Im not necessarily looking to come in there and run an operations meeting.Im asking for a business meeting that involves the financial welfare of the business.Based on the homework Ive done, you fit into a profile Ive been successful with. (Use homework from qualifying on cold call).Close for Day and Time.Owner: Were happy with our security provider.Sales Rep: You should be relatively happy with competitor x from an operations standpoint, just as you would be if you switched over to any other provider.Im not asking you to down grade your services but to take a look at your bottom line with strategic solutions.Business like yours have been able to strategically protect their people, places and profits by giving us an opportunity to evaluate their business.Close for Day and Time.General Reluctance or Too BusyOwner: Nows not a great timeSales Rep: Fair enough Brett.I understand you cant meet with every salesperson who calls on you, but this one is a little differentagain Brett Ive stopped by your office and done some homework on your accountI know(use info from the cold call)your account fits into a profile Ive been very successful withagain, Im confident we can put an objective eye on your bottom line.This is a meeting worth having.Close for Day and Time. 29'