b'PHONESNON-REFERRAL BASEDAppointment Phone Call Scenario:Youre trying to get the Owner on the phone.Brett Bean is the Owner.Getting Through the ScreenerSales Rep: Brett Bean please.Screener: May I tell him whos calling?Sales Rep: Sure, let him know that (your first and last name) is on the phone.Id appreciate it.Screener: Whats this in regards to?Sales Rep: He should recognize my name.If you could let Brett know (your first and last name) is on the phone, thats be great.Introduction and Benefit Statement Scenario: The screener has put your call through and the owner is about to pick up the line.**Keep in mind, you have limited time to make an impact.Give the Owner a reason to meet with you.Be sharp and be energetic.Nobody likes boring.You simply must be compelling.What does the buyer hear and envision about you when the take your call?**Owner: This is Brett.Sales Rep: Hey Brett, (your first and last name.)How are you today? 25'