b'SOLIDIFY Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:Confirm theGet an agreementTake the Owners Owners e-mailfrom the Ownertemperature/test address andto have blueprintsthe waterscalendar invite forfor the meetingdate and timeScenario:The owner has just agreed to meet with you.Owner: Thursday at 11:00a works for me.Part 1 - Sales Rep: Prefect let me send you a calendar invite.Whats a good e-mail address for you?Owner: bbean@femoransecurity.com**In the body of the e-mail invite type (*Bring Blue Prints or Current Invoices)Part 2Sales Rep: Just so Im better prepared for our meeting, can you bring current blue prints of the building or current security invoices for Thursday?Owner: Sure thing.Part 3Sales Rep: Brett, one last question for youAssuming we can share with you how we deliver value and show an ROI would you be willing to take a hard look at this?I mean, there isnt some sort of outstanding loyalty you may have to your current provider that I should be aware of?23'