b'INITIAL BENEFIT STATEMENTScenario:During a cold call, the gatekeeper has just called back to the Owner; he/she has agreed to come out and see you and is now walking towards you in the lobby (or has just walked into the conference room where youve been waiting). **Keep in mind; you have limited time to make an impact.Give the Owner a reason to meet with you.If you cant get them to sit down with you right then, try to schedule an appointment for a later date.**Introduction and Business CardOwner: How can I help you?Sales Rep: (Owners first name), (your first name and last name) with FE Moran Security Solutionslet me give you one of my cards. **As youre introducing yourself, shake the Owners hand and present him/herwith one of your business cards.**Disarming StatementSales Rep: I realize I stopped by unannounced **When you say this body, language is importantput your hands up in front of you,palms facing the Owner.**Sales Rep: But the reason I did, we are a national security provider located in the area and have tailored strategies to help businesses like yours put an objective eye on their people, place and profits.Do you have a place we could sit down?Owner: Yeah, come on back. 20'