b'GATHERING THE NECESSARY INFORMATION**Now that youve uncovered the Owner is not available, gather information about their current security scenario.As the gatekeeper is answering your questions, take detailed notes on the back of the business card.** Qualifying the Gatekeeper -Owners Name (with title confirmed) -Current Security Provider-Types of current products and services -Corporate Office, Number of other locations (where) -Type of Business or Industry the company is in -Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Human Resources (HR), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Controller -Gatekeepers name you spoke with on the cold callSample Questions to Gather the Information -Now you said Brett Bean was the Owner of the company, correct?Or Now Brett Bean, his exact title within the organization is? -Do you know who you use for your electronic security or fire protection?Has anything stood out to you recently? -Do you know all services they might provide?Alarms/Access Controls/Cameras/Fire Protection? -Is this your corporate location? Do you have any other locations?Where are they located -What exactly does your company do? -And, who is the Chief Financial Officer or Controller of the organization? (confirm title) Now Steve Ford, his exact title within the organization is? -Thanks for your help, what is your name?Thanks Susie and have a good day. - **WRITE DOWN ALL INFORMATION!(INCLUDING OTHER FE MORAN SECURITY SOLUTIONS CUSTOMERS IN THE BUILDING/BUSINESS PARK)Meet with TRUE decision makers (Owners,Dont take NO form Presidents, C-suite, VPsomeone who cant say Finance, Controller)YES!Avoiding BAD Prospects19'