b'REFERRALSYou can gather referrals through COI, clients, prospects and other people you meet.Treat all environments like an opportunity.You should always be prepared to ask for referrals!StrategyCOI: Understand your center of influence relationships.Specifically, pay attention to their vertical or space.Who are their clients?Who are their prospects?Who are their other referral source relationships?Who are their vendors?Clients: Understand the best opportunity to gather referrals with clients is post activation.Set a meeting with the client after the install has been completed.Call this meeting a Solution Review and bring a list of nearby businesses to the meeting to ask for referrals.Prospects: As you ask questions learning about their business, pay attention to clients, relationships and other company names they mention.Do NOT be afraid to ask how well they know the name mentioned and if its ok for you to reach out to the potential opportunity.In addition, you should always have a top 10 prospect list with you.Put the document in front of prospect before the meeting is over!Others: There are two types of relationships you will meet. -Strategic: People who may share a common prospect profile with like same entry point, size of company, number of employees. etc., who whom you can build an ongoing referral relationship. -Advocates: People you may not share a common prospect profile with, but who can create mindshare.Its important for these people to have a clear understanding of the services and benefits you offer.Make sure you identify/share things they may see or hear in their business and personal world that would allow them to immediately identify opportunities for you. 13'