b'SETTING THE MEETINGThe leading indicator for success in sales is meetings set.Find a salesperson that is successful, and you will find that salesperson to have meetings.Historically, weve found that a salesperson should have no less than 5 meetings per week to be a top performer.If you want to achieve even greater success, shoot for 10!(RULE! You can only measure what you track.) Dont meet with everyone!Avoid bad prospecting and bad meetings.The higher, better use of your time is with decision makers that have pain, budget and a decision timeline.The better qualified your meeting is the higher the probability will be, and the less frustrated youll be in the process.Few ways to set meetings: -Cold call/ Warm call - Please see scripting in playbook -Email - Please see examples in playbook -Phone calls - Please see scripting in playbook Its important to note that when setting the meeting, expectations are key!Strive to have the following information available in the meeting.Very Important: 1.Needs/Pains and Wants (Purpose of the meeting?) 2.Budget (Can they pay for it?) 3.Decision-Makers (Who will be in the meeting?) 4.Timeline (Expectation of when to implement and expectation of when to sign)Helpful: 1.Previous inspections 2.Drawings, Blueprints and Pictures 3.Current Contract with provider with term date 4.Other quotes provided by competition 5.Knowing the competition The more information collected before or available in the meeting, the more successful youll be in the meeting.Scheduling: Once a meeting is set, send a meeting request to sales@femoransecurity.com.The purpose is to capture total meetings for the organization and to help you capitalize on the opportunity.11'