b'PROSPECTING AND PREPARATION Researching your prospect is always helpful.Understanding their company by visiting their website or LinkedIn account may open other opportunities to build rapport/trust before, during and after the contact is made.At times, you can also gather e-mail addresses of the decision makers through LinkedIn or their company website.Elevator Pitch: Your elevator pitch is very important.People choose FE Moran for one of two reasons: gain pleasure or avoid pain.Pain is most often their reason.The goal of an elevator pitch is to create interest and generate questions.MAKE YOUR OWN and MEMORIZE! 1.Identify and tailor elevator pitch to the potential pain of the audience 2.Explain what you do 3.Communicate your unique selling proposition4.Put it all together 5.Practice! Heres a few examples of an elevator pitch our company uses based on the audienceActivity: How many touches should you make?How many phone calls should you make?How many e- 25mails should you send?If youre looking to set 5 meetings perEmails per dayweek, you should at minimum focus on the following activity.NOTE: This will be situational based on your strategy and skill25level.Someone that doesnt have current customers, leads or a fullWarm Calls per daypipeline should focus on the below activity.Cold Calling and Warm Calling:20 per day20Phone Calls:25 per dayCold Calls per dayE-mails:25 per day9'