Keep your employees safe and your business running smoothly

As developments around the pandemic COVID-19 come about, work from home policies are an effective way to keep your employees healthy without disrupting business as usual.

FE Moran Security enable simplified remote work communications and collaboration to keep business running smoothly and your team engaged

Whether you're new to remote work, or you're expecting an uptick in remote users, we'll make sure you're ready to handle it

There are a lot of things still unknown regarding COVID-19 and the impact it will have on us, our business, and the overall economy in the long-term. What we do know, is that a push towards stronger work-from-home policies has been coming for some time now and this just may be the catalyst that changes the way we work indefinitely.

Best practices for building a productive environment at home

  • Have a dedicated, distraction free workspace if possible
  • Plan for your surroundings
  • Be considerate to your mental health
  • Make yourself accessible to others on your team
  • Be aware of other interruptions you may experience
  • Find a way to separate your work from your home

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Contact us now and you could be up and running in 7-days

FE Moran Security now provides cloud voice & collaboration solutions to get your employees are up and running remotely within 7-days with our new partnership with TetraVX.

Robust Features
That Enhance Your Business

  • Mobile & Web Application
  • CRM Call Pop
  • SMS & Chat Messages
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Auto Attendant & Busy Lamp
  • Call Control & Monitoring
  • Call Pop-Up & Forwarding
  • Call Queue & History

Just as easy for ADMINS, as it is for USERS

Simple Admin Portal
Simplify the management of your unified communications platform with quick add, bulk import/export, single-sign on, and provisioning via LDAP

Roles & Permissions
Granularly control the roles and permissions of your user base, granting features to the appropriate users and controlling the security of your overall organization

Reporting & Analytics
Gain complete visibility into your organization's data usage with granular call detail records and summary reports