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Protecting People and Places During COVID-19

In these uncertain and troubling times, security and employee morale are more critical than ever. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are discovering that they need to adapt and reassess their current operational models in response to the COVID-19 virus. For many companies, this means sending some or all of the workforce home to work remotely. But what about those who need to keep their workforces on-site, in part or as a whole? How can they keep morale consistently high while ensuring that their team remains productive and focused on a brighter future?

Show employees that you’re protecting their health

Many employees are (understandably) afraid to go to work in this troubling time. If you employ essential workers, you need to show them that you’re taking every available precaution to protect their health and wellbeing. From limiting international movement to making it easier for employees to get access to Proper Protective Equipment (PPE), there are all kinds of ways in which you show employees that you’re committed to keeping them healthy and safe. Here are some ways in which many of our top executives are protecting their businesses and their workforces from the virus.

Monitor Places that aren’t being staffed as usual

Criminals aren’t going to listen to the stay at home order. In fact, your office being empty could be an opportunity for a break-in. Make sure your office is set up to discourage a break-in or help you find who broke into your building.

Your building also may be at risk of damage that you can’t control or be aware of from a distance, so it’s wise to invest in systems that will keep your business from harm. This might come in the form of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, temperature sensors, fire alarms, water sensors, or security staples like video surveillance.

Guard against workplace violence

These are challenging times for everyone. As a compassionate and realistic employer, you appreciate that your employees are under much stress. And you also realize that this stress can manifest in outbursts of temper and even violence as employees attempt to go about their business as usual in the face of considerable uncertainty. There are already around 2 million instances of workplace violence reported every year in the US. Some of these are violent encounters between employees and customers or intruders, while others are instances of violence between employees.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to protect your employees from workplace violence with video surveillance systems, panic buttons, lights in dark spaces, and robust access control. When employees see that they’re protected, they’ll not only feel safer; they’ll also remember that they’re accountable for their behavior.

Have a clear plan in place for in-office employee’s

According to a 2016 survey by CareerBuilder, a shocking 32% of employees don’t believe that their employers have an emergency plan in place for natural disasters. Imagine the rise in their comfort and productivity when you have a clear idea in place to monitor situations like COVID-19. Make sure that everywhere they look, employees see some form of assurance that your business premises are well prepared.

To reflect today’s needs, I highly recommend investing in thermal imaging, which will not only show you those entering the building but will also show abnormal fevers. In these uncertain times, it helps when employees are constantly reassured that their employer is prepared for every eventuality.

Show your team that you’re proactive when it comes to cybersecurity

You probably have teams that are currently working remotely and still have safety concerns that need to be addressed. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your business is small enough to fly under the radar of cybercriminals. Employees have enough to worry about without fearing that criminals might be able to access their personal data. Make sure they feel like they are heard, and cared about, even from their home office.  And the same goes for your clients, customers, and stakeholders. Some steps you can take to ensure that your employees never need to worry about their data being breached include;

  • Installing robust firewalls and antivirus software
  • Relying more on cloud-based infrastructure
  • Frequently updating software and operating systems
  • Backing up sensitive data in a secure location
  • Ensure that you have an excellent training program for IT governance to ensure best practice
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for employees who are working from home.

How we can help

At FE Moran Security, we understand that your security infrastructure is now more critical than ever. That’s why we design and implement bespoke security systems that are built around your business’ needs. If you feel that your security infrastructure needs an upgrade, get in touch with us today.

Written By: Joe Jordan serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for FE Moran Security Solutions, a nationwide provider of electronic security, life safety, and monitoring systems, and one of the largest security alarm companies in the Midwest.

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Joe Jordan
CSO, FE Moran Security Solutions