FE Moran celebration on 2011 | FE Moran Security Solutions

F.E. Moran Alarm and Monitoring has partnered with our local Champaign and Urbana Police Departments in an effort to bring awareness and education to the community about personal safety at a National Night Out event.  F.E. Moran Alarm and Monitoring supplied the police departments with fingerprint kits along with help from our staff as they fingerprinted kids at this event. The event was focused on kids while helping them meet police officers and local emergency personnel, so they encounter them during a positive time and they understand they are friendly and here to help them if they are ever in need.  The local police are dedicated to giving a sense of comfort to the children in our community, and this event also reached out to parents who wanted to learn more about child safety and protection. We have an excellent relationship with the local emergency services and this is our way to give back to them for all they do for our community.

Jeremy Simmons
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