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With the weather inching closer to warm temperatures, springtime is one of the most popular times of year to relocate in the Midwest. With that in mind, it’s a good time to remind those who are moving in Illinois to keep home security high on their list of priorities. There may be a ton of projects to stay on top of, but securing the new home should be right near the top with the carpet, cabinets and other upgrades under consideration. Here’s why.

It provides peace of mind.

No matter how much you like your new home, there’s bound to be a transition period before you feel completely familiar and comfortable in it. For most people, that effect is even more powerful at night time. To provide peace of mind overnight, a security system with smart home capabilities can be armed from your mobile phone before bedtime so everyone can sleep more peacefully. The professionally monitored system is designed to detect intruders whenever it is armed and notifies the monitoring center immediately upon detection.

It gives access to important visitors.

There will be some very important people visiting in those first few months after the move-in, starting with contractors, movers and delivery people – and if a homeowner is at work, they need to be let in securely. No matter how trustworthy any of these VIPs may seem, allowing them entry with a key is far less secure than letting them in remotely with the owner’s home security code. No keys, no worries – and if a video doorbell is part of the system, every visitor’s identity can be confirmed via live video on the owner’s smartphone.

It keeps energy bills down. 

Turning on utilities in a new home can be expensive, especially when everyone from the power company to the natural gas provider wants a cash deposit before they will turn on services. After those deposits are paid, the last thing someone who has just moved needs is to pay more than necessary to keep the home comfortable month after month. That’s where a security system with smart home capabilities can be instrumental in saving money, with a smart thermostat that the owner adjusts heating or cooling with their smartphone while they aren’t home. That way, heating and cooling only comes on when the owner wants it to.

These are just a few of the reasons home security should be a priority for those who are moving. To discuss taking advantage of these benefits, contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions for a home security consultation.

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Since 2003, F.E. Moran Security Solutions has been a relationship-driven security company that provides superior customer service, quality installations, and state-of-the-art monitoring – and now, our services include smart home upgrades. We are proud that our Illinois security company is one of the top 50 security companies in the U.S., ranked by SDM Magazine.

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